Why Your Child Is Doing Something Wrong

Educating children is not easy. Understanding why your child behaves wrong and knowing how to respond appropriately when doing it is an art.

Parents tend to lose patience when their children do wrong, and struggles soon follow. People often think that young children impulsively do the wrong thing, but that’s a mistake. As a parent, your job is to figure out why your child is doing wrong.

Misbehavior here can mean irritation, anger, or hitting and breaking a toy or other object Some children pee or poop even though they have already been toilet trained. Others include simply ignoring commands, yelling, and doing mischievous things that make adults crazy.

Why Do Children Behave Wrong?

  1. Get their parents’ attention. This happens when you decide that your child has not received the attention they deserve when behaving appropriately. Then the child does the wrong thing to get the attention of the parents and surrounding adults. Unfortunately, this usually brings the child to the attention he or she wants, as parents and adults begin to talk about their child’s behavior, and their main interest is drawn.
  2. Another reason children behave incorrectly is because they feel alienated. This situation usually occurs, for example, when your child says he is tired while shopping. The child gets angry because he cannot hear the answer. This situation encourages the child to easily do the wrong next time, knowing that the wrong behavior will certainly work and be the perfect way to get attention.
  3. Jealousy may be the cause. Your child may be jealous of your siblings, friends, or even parents. The truth is that children find that they can manipulate any situation when they do wrong at a very young age.
  4. Boundaries or contradictory flaws between established rules can also be a reason for children to misbehave. For example, what is forbidden by the mother is allowed by the father.

Wrong is low desires frustration tolerance, hyperactivity, poor social skills, and only in extreme cases , such as those which hardly or no impulse control severe behavior problems are caused by. Inappropriate family conditions, overprotection, school problems, and abuse can also contribute to misbehavior.

Discipline Is Not Controlling Children. Discipline Simply Means Helping A Child Maintain Self-Control .

The reason it’s good for your child to do the right thing is because he wants him to do it himself. It’s not because you have to “do” it. If you try to control your child, you will eventually awaken the child’s dissatisfaction and anxiety.